Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thunder and Lightning!

As we settled in for the day, Room 209 heard thunder outside and it was if the sky suddenly opened up to drop a curtain of rain.  It seemed the perfect time to do some writing and share stories about our storm experiences.  Here are excerpts from the memories the students shared:

I fell out of my bed because there was thunder outside my room!  I decided to go downstairs and sleep in the family room for the night until the power came on.  (Eric A.)

I remember that when I was about 3 years old my aunt used to baby sit me.  We had a big bay window near the kitchen table.  Every time there was a thunderstorm she would watch them and show me the lightning.  After that I wasn't as scared about thunderstorms.  Now, I love to watch lightning flash and thunder roar.  (Alexandria)

I remember a few years back in my old town when we had a flood.  The streets were like rivers. They were flowing really fast and we couldn't go outside because it was so severe and dangerous. (Kailey)
I remember in Kindergarten when there was such a big storm that the power went out at school.  I was so scared!  (James)

When there is thunder and lightning and the power goes out it is pitch black.  it is pretty scary but not that scary.  When the power goes out it kind of makes you jump.  (Andrew)

One day it was thunder and lightning outside and my dog was outside so I was scared that he was going to get hit. (Jazmin)

When it is raining really hard in my house you hear the raindrops echo through the house.  It is so cool but scary at the same time. (Chris)

I remember when I was about 5 years old there was a storm and I got very scared. I ran into my room and went to my bed and put my covers over my head and put my stuffed animals in with me. (Teresa)

When I hear a thunder storm, I feel very tired because the rain makes a very quiet, settled sound and the darkness makes me feel like I'm about to go to bed.  (Justin)
I think storms are really cool.  With flashes of lightning tearing through the sky.  And giant crackling sounds of thunder.  (Arman)

The sky was really dark and seemed as if it would storm forever.  The hail felt as if it would dent the roof of the van.  The wind was howling and the trees looked as if they would fall over and there were branches on the ground.  (Sarvesh)

Hurricanes can be 600 miles around!  They have an eye and scientists use dropsondes to get data and do research.  Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage.  (Thomas S.)

When I was 10 years old, I was in India with my brother.  It started to rain so we went outside with our umbrellas.  We played until lightning started.  At first, I didn't know that my brother had already gone inside so I had to look all over the apartment complex with my friend.  Finally, when we came home we saw my brother watching TV on the couch! (Arya)

Once when I was a very young girl there was a thunderstorm in the summer and all the windows were open.  The power went out and my mom and dad were at work.  My grandma didn't know how to close the windows so we hung towels up in them.  It was getting late so my sister, brother, grandma and I slept in my grandma's bed room.  We were too scared to sleep alone.  (Jeenal)

A couple of days after I got my dog as a puppy, there was a thunder and lightning storm.  The thunder came and my dog hid in a corner whining.  He was so scared he had his tail between his legs and he put his ears down.  You could tell he was scared.  (Eric B.)

When it is raining and thundering and lightning I get scared to use electronics.  Most of the time I play board games in my room and keep a distance from electronics.  (Thomas H.)

I love snow storms because when the big white snowflakes fall it looks so magical.  I like when it's a whiteout also because then all you can see is white.  The best part of snow storms is that if it's not too bad you can go outside in the storm and play because snow is light and fluffy.  (Meghan)

Storms I see them come and go.  Some they give me a fright, others I sit and watch them.  I can't wait to go outside again, but that's not my decision. (Siri)

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